Bob Shirey - Big Dog 2013

The Big Dog

Bob Shirey is the 2014 winner of the Big Dog Event which is a singles, no-handicap American Dart tournament.

Raven's Nest - 2014 PA State Champs

2014 PA State Champs

The Raven's Nest are back-to-back state champions. Pictured from left to right are Alan Miller, Mark Weurstle and Chris Kuehns.
List of PA State Champion Teams

National Championships

This set of handicapped tournaments takes place yearly in Emmaus, PA. They are held over several weeks in March.


The body that oversees the Pennsylvania State Dart Tournament, Nationals, and the Darts Wall of Fame. They also keep a uniform set of rules in place for tournament play.

Running a League or Tournament?

Here are printouts for . . .

Dart Match Scoresheets

A Schedule Making System

Double Elimination Tournament Brackets

Dart Handicap Sheets

An article on How to Run a Dart League

A recap of the Rules and Scoring, which includes a FAQ for those "What now?" moments.

Player Spotlight

Interview with Mark Francks

Player Rankings/Ave.

1. Darin Young 52.11
2. Jim Newman 49.11
3. Mark Wuerstle 48.19
4. Mike Wilson 47.80
5. Bob Shirey 47.54
6. Tommy Hill 47.19
7. Joe Haganey 46.96
8. Joe Hoffman 46.86
9. Jamie Zortman 46.79
10. Bob Miske 46.73
11. Alan Miller 46.53
12. Robert Rohlfing 46.33
13. John Jackson 46.25
14. John Kuczynski 46.12
15. Ed Shoepe 45.75
16. Buddy Smith 45.77
17.Billy Wilson 45.58
18.Jason Kroh 45.54
19.Mark Francks 45.34
20. Brian Kramer 45.33
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