Darto Dartboards

Darto is another manufacturer that makes American Style dartboards. They were the official board of the PA State Dart Tournament and the Nationals tournament for a while now, so you may have seen them hanging on the walls at those events.

Darto  DartboardThey only make the wooden "tournament" boards, and as far as I know all of their boards come with the rotating center feature. Darto pretty much makes a top quality board.

They use somewhat larger pieces of wood in putting their board together. I do like their silkscreen design. I think the designwork in the four corners looks classy.

I don't think you can go wrong adding a Darto dartboard to your rec room. The Darto does have an extra feature that I don't use, but I'm sure would be close to a godsend for some folks.

They provide a set of large eye hooks that come out of the top of the board.

Darto  Dartboard

If you already have a cabinet, or mounting system in place, the hooks aren't a great advantage. If you don't, and I get plenty of emails asking basically "How do you hang an American dartboard?", the hooks are awesome.

Now you don't have to drill the board directly on to the wall. You don't have to construct some sort of homemade dart cabinet/backing. If you're shooting in a garage or basement, hanging the board is as simple as banging in two nails, and "hanging" the board on them!

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