Baseball Darts

Select Game Mode:
- Choose between One and Two Player Mode by clicking on Player 1 or Player 2. I've been having to click it twice sometimes. Once you select One or Two players, the INNING will appear.

To Throw Dart:

  • Click on Board to make Dart Appear
  • Click to start Crosshair circling around the innings
  • Click to aim at Inning
  • Click to aim for trip/reds/single
  • Click to choose power. Three bars of green is most accurate.

- If you are not familiar with the game of American Darts, here is a brief explanation of how to score the game.

  • You shoot three darts at an inning, starting with inning number one
  • The red ring is worth 2 points, the thin outside clear ring is worth three, the clear pie shaped piece of the inning is worth one point
  • After you shoot your three darts, you move to the next inning. You proceed until 9 innings have been played.

High Game:
The current high score is 78 by Michael Sinkovich and Clyde Myers. Submit your high score and screenshot to: webmaster AT


Other top scores . . .

78 by Michael Sinkovich and Clyde Myers, and GoNoPlace
74 by Christian Warren
73 by Michael Sinkovich - Dorko's Dart League
73 by Matthew Hashuga
73 by Anthony D'Amore
72 by Matthew Sweeney - Tripleshooter's League
72 by Jerry Wilson - Valley Dart League
71 by Ashley Martz
70 by Tim Croucher from Montgomery, Pa. 12-29-10
70 by Chris Becker - future shooter in the Catty Cubs Dart League, Catasaqua. He's only 13 at the moment.

69 by Tom Boyst - Tripleshooter's League
69 by Bob Marinelli - Dorko's Darts