2007 National American Dart Tournament Results

The American Baseball Darts Association runs a multi-week "Nationals" tournament weekly. There are several "divisions" that teams will be placed in according to their overall dart average.

The tournaments take place over several days with teams advancing through a qualifying weekend. They then shoot in the Finals tournament.

On this page I've documented the results from the 2007 ABDA National tournaments.

2007 Results

A Division - 130 point cap
1st - Johnson's Village Inn
2nd - VIP Darts #1
3rd - E & B Construction
4th - Raven's Nest
5th - Big Fatty
6th - USA Dart Club

B Division - 110 point cap
1st - Northampton Liederkranz
2nd - Emaus Fire Co. #2
3rd - Rummies
4th - VIP #3
5th - Jamesburg Elks #1 (Jamesburg, NJ)
6th - Joliet Fire Co. (Joliet, PA)

C Division - 90 point cap
1st - Copperfield's
2nd - Jamesburg Elks #3
3rd - Emaus Fire Co. #5
4th - Log Cabin (Coplay, PA)
5th - Carlucci’s
6th - Brandonville Fire Co.

2007 National Championship Schedule

There are several elimination rounds for both the "B" and "C" divisions.

March 3rd - "B" and "C" divisions, 11AM start
March 4th - "B" and "C" divisions, 11AM start
March 10th - "B" and "C" divisions, 11AM start

March 11th - all three divisions will play their finals. "A" division starts shooting at 8:30 with a max of 16 teams participating.

Emaus Fire Company #1
50 Sourth 6th Street
Emmaus, PA 18049
Bar Phone (610) 967-1400

$45 fee per team. Checks are payable to Keith Bauer.

Keith Bauer
2749 Andrea Drive
Allentown, PA 18103
(610) 776-2749
email: gto1964kb@rcn.com

Note: Darto Darts will be the official dart of the National Championships of American Darts. Darto Patriots will be supplied at the tournament.

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