National American Dart Tournament

On the heels of the Pennsylvania State Dart Tournament will be the A.B.D.A. "George 'V.I.P.' Haynes Memorial" National Championship Dart Tournament" which is held in Emmaus, PA (18049 if you want to Mapquest it).

This tournament is different from "States" in that There Are Divisions. The teams are sectioned off by team average, into four different divisions, named appropriately enough the A, B, C, and D division.

Saturday March 1st - One Day Shoots

The A Division caps the three man teams at a maximum average of 125.99. They accept a maximum of 16 teams, and the entire "A Division" tournament is shot in a single day. There are no "Qualifying days". You just show up, and shoot until the finish.

The same is true for the "D Division", which caps their teams at an average of 75.99.

B and C Division Qualifiers

Both the B and C Divisions gather enough interest from shooters that they need to run these tournament over a set of several weeks. Players shoot one event, and if their team manages to finish the day with one loss or less they come back to shoot on the day of the Finals.

The B Division caps teams at 110.99, and the C Division caps theirs at 90.99. The qualifying dates and finals are scheduled in a way that allows shooters the opportunity to shoot in BOTH divisions if they desire.

The averages used in the tournament are taken from the Dart Averages Database. Entry fee for the events is $20 per man, or $60 per team.

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