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We have a series of Dart Articles that we've added over time. You'll find games similar to American darts, and dart throwing advice.

We also have a section on Vintage Darts with pictures of darts and boards from days long gone by.

Natalie Style Dart Cabinet

For a while we tried to put together a cabinet that overcame some of the shortcomings o those traditional "Green Dart Cabinets" that say "Relax, Have Fun, Play Darts" across the top. We referred to the new style of cabinets as "Natalie Style" dart cabinets.

I like the look of them. There are a couple of these floating around in taverns, and a few floating around in rec rooms in PA. The problem was that they were so cumbersome and costly to sip that if you didn't live within in a short drive, the cabinet really couldn't find its way to you.

So, we kept the design, but shelved the idea of seriously making them for resale. What follows is the original description of the product.

Natalie Style Widdy Dart Cabinet

American Style Dartboards do not hang on the wall in the same manner that the pub style bristleboards hang. American boards are designed to be rotated and flipped, and in the end the best way to hang an American board is inside of a dart cabinet.

Natalie Dart Cabinet for Widdy Boards

While I've become accustomed to calling these "cabinets", I'm sure that they are referred to as "dart backboards" as well. I have two of these lighted backboards, in a finished pine with dark grey carpet backing.

The light assembly (all you have to do is plug it in) comes hidden at the top of the cabinet. The underside has been painted white to help illuminate the board.

The top rail is removeable, and is supported by two small angle brackets that are secured to the backboard. The top rail has two predrilled holes that allow two screws (provided) to bind the top rail, the angle brackets and the dartboard together, keeping everything in place.

The bottom rail is permanently attached to the backboard. Two shaped wooden supports keep the rail in place, and keep the rail from leaning away from the cabinet over the course of time.

A small lip on the front of the rail helps hold the dart board in place.

There is a ledge created at the bottom of the cabinet that can be used to hold darts, or anything else.

It is 2 inches deep, so it isn't designed to be a place to set your drinks. Instead, it will hold a sharpening stone or other dart relted items.

The Natalie style dart cabinet is roughly 40" tall, and 30" wide. The cord for the lighting comes out of the top left hand side of the cabinet, and is 5 ft. long.