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2016 PA State Dart Tournament

It's that time of year again. In the early weeks of January shooters start to gather up teammates for the Pennsylvania Stae Dart Tournament. The starting dates have been creeping backwards gradually over the past few years, and this year the competition starts the first weekend in February.

Here are the highlights of the 2016 Pennsylvania Dart Tournament - the 48th, which is what, XLVIII in Superbowl numbers?

Location: The Freeland Event Center, 526 Fern St. in Freeland, PA 18224. You can google map it, or ask Siri how to get there, or call Jimbo at (570) 636-0400.

Qualifying Dates: All the qualifying tournaments are on Saturdays this year. Each day there are two qualifying brackets (of up to 16 teams). The first one starts shooting at 10am, and the second begins at 2pm. It's a double elimination format, so teams that endure two losses are knocked out of the tournament. Teams that survive the qualifier with One or Zero losses advance to the Finals!

  • Feb 6th
  • Feb 13th
  • Feb 20th

FINALS take place on Saturday February 27th. The day starts at 9:45am with John Petrick hosting the Wall of Fame ceremonies. Last year the Sharpshooters bar in Tremont was inducted. Individually, Mike Abboud, Steve "Rattler" Repetz, and Keith Bauer were also inducted.

The darts begin to fly at 10am for the teams with One Loss, and noon for the Undefeated squads.

Handicap: There is NO Handicap. Praise Jesus! The handicapped tournaments are popular, and a fun time for a lot of shooters. But we still need at least ONE tournament where players just shoot their games, and scorekeepers don't need a calculator.

The tournament is also not capped by points.

Entry Fee: $60 per team. Teams are three shooters and an alternate for a total of four members.

Make checks payable to:

Joe Haganey
20 E Clay Avenue
West Hazleton, PA 18202

For information contact Joe Haganey (570) 455-8665 or via email at charlie2@ptd.net.
The Tournament Director is Steve Repetz at (570) 636-1350

Bring Your Own Darts. There will be darts there for sale, so it's not like you have to go back home if your forget a box of darts, but I think the idea is that you will not be provided with a set.

BRAND NEW - FOR THE FIRST TIME - THE 1st Annual WOMEN'S State Championship!!!!

That's right, Ladies step up the line!! There are qualifying tournaments (max of 8 teams) at noon on Saturdays Feb 13th and 20th. Four temas qualify, and 8 will return to face each other in the Finals Saturday Feb 27th!

Just to put out some numbers, last year's most notable scoring performances were . . .

High Team Inning - 24 by both Haganey's Aces and Keat's Pub
High Team Game - 160 (yes, that's like over 50 a man) by Haganey's Aces
High Individual Game - 61 by Tommy Hill
1st Place went to the Kingfish Hotel from Pine Grove.

Click Here for a .pdf of the Official Flyer

Results from past years: