American Style Wood Dart Boards

    Widdy is certainly one of the companies synonymous with the sport of American Darts. They manufacture a wide range of American Darting Supplies, including boards, darts and cabinets.

Widdy Dart Boards

There are two types of boards that I've seen from Widdy. One is the traditional wooden dart board used for tournament play. The other is a paper dart board.

Widdy Paper Boards

Paper Dart Board - Widdy The paper boards are made completely differently than the wooden boards. Instead of pieces of wood connected together, paper is wound tightly to make the board. When a dart hits the board, it sinks into a seam in the paper.

I made the images unusually large so you can see the differences in appearance between the two types of boards.

The idea behind using a paper board instead of a wooden one is that in theory, the darts never "eat away" at the paper the same way they chew up wooden boards. The darts should slip between the layers of paper, and if twisted out, they leave no trace. So, theoretically, paper boards last forever.

They are priced higher than the wooden boards, but they make be more difficult to make as well.

In actuality, a hook at the end of a dart will pull pieces of paper out just as it would pull extra wood from the board. So, you're not using sharp darts, your board will degrade no matter what it's made out of. And, over time, I've had the wires work their way out of a paper board, rendering it useless.

The coloring on the paper boards is just that, colored paper. So, you may find that the printing was off a little, and the color creeps outside of the scoring area. For instance, part of the triples area may have red color to it. So, keeping score, and judging the truthfulness of the score-caller, may be more difficult with a paper board. After all, the dart is sticking out of the red, and he's calling it a triple?

Widdy Paper Dart Boards are available for sale at $109 each plus shipping. Sales Tax applies to PA residents.

Wooden Boards

Wooden Dart Board - WiddyThe wooden dart boards are made from endgrain pieces of basswood. The boards are made by hand, and you can see the individual wooden pieces that make up the board if you look closely.

The board comes in two sections, although you wouldn't notice it right away. There is a center section, which is a circular area that includes the blue rings, and an outside "frame" area. The center section will rotate (although it usually takes a bit of elbow grease at first).

Since the same innings are often used over and over, the board wears unevenly. Unless, you rotate it.

There is also a second side to a Widdy dart board, so you can flip the board as well. This lets you get as much life as possible out of the wooden boards.

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