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We have a series of Dart Articles that we've added over time. You'll find games similar to American darts, and dart throwing advice.

We also have a section on Vintage Darts with pictures of darts and boards from days long gone by.

Dart Playing Articles

Hey guys, welcome to this new page. I've pulled down both the old forums and the blog because I just couldn't keep up with all of the web robots sent to leave messages about buying power awnings and trips to tahiti. I enjoyed people having the chance to quickly send notes about topics like Vogelpiks and the Toohey Boards, so I will work on getting a system in place for sharing. But, in the meantime, here is the list of articles that survived because I thought they all had something worth keeping and sharing. I will be adding new articles here as they come online.

Below you will find a list of articles and interviews based on the American Style Dart scene. I may sneak in a few words on American Players that throw the English Steel Tip or even Soft Tip darts, but for the most part we are talking Widdies and Baseball darts.

Handicaps in Dart Tournaments - or Leagues I suppose. Anyway, handicapped tournaments are very popular right now. This article explains what they mean when they put "70% Handicap" on a dart tournament flyer.

Side Events for Dart Tournaments - Describes a couple of "events" you can have on dart night. I've seen them take place during both leagues and tournaments, and they add a little spice to a dart gathering.

How To Run a Dart League - Here are some ideas and a bit of a checklist for putting together an in house dart league. It includes links to other articles on the subject.

Belgian Vogelpiks - These darts resemble the American darts that many of the Mid-Atlantic players are accustomed to. They are wood shafts, feather flights, and thrown at a board made with the ends of basswood pieces. But, they are certainly different from the set ups that you would find at States or Nationals.

Dart Throwing Tips - if anyone is worth listening to on the topic of throwing darts, it should probably be Phil Taylor. And that is true mostly because he is the best dart shooter on the face of the earth. I've taken an interview he did and related his advice to the world of American darts.

Dartball - Dartball is another version of a dart game based on the sport of Baseball. It's larger, and has taken root in the community centers of churches, as opposed to inside of taverns. The players toss larger darts at a larger board. And, they walk away with the same results that a baseball batter would - double, home run, walk, out.

Dart Etiquette - Things are different between steel tip English style darts and the games played on an American board. And so are some of the traditions surrounding the games. Find out what does, and does not pass as proper behavior in each game.

Dart Throwing Advice - this set of tips came through an exchange on our old message boards. They rival anything that I've read in "dart throwing manuals", and are worthy of a read.

The inside of my dartboard is loose - is a complaint that I will hear two or three times a year, from a new dartboard owner (well, honestly from someone who just picked up a dartboard as a present for someone). Here is an article on why the center isn't locked in place, and what you are supposed to do to keep your board alive as long as possible.

American Darts Database - Well, it seemed like a project that was simply too big to be done. A database with all of the American dart players included - and their averages. Something like this would be exactly what tournament directors need to keep players from bringing false, or misleading averages to tournaments in an effort to gain an advantage. Now, with the help of everyone who submits scores to the database, players can't hide from their past. And perhaps even better, players can now see where they stack up against others in the scene.

Pool vs Darts - a comparison of the two bar room sports, showing where the advantages lie in favor of the dart shooters.

Rules for the Oche - that's the "throw line". And it rhymes with "hockey". And, I have a few experienced voices chiming in on the topic, which makes for an interesting read and honest attempt to answer what seems like such a simple question.

A Letter from South Africa - that's right. It arrived written on paper, with ink. There was even a stamp on it. It reminded me of the "old days", and I transcribed it to share over the internet.

Troy Style Boards - Another style of American dartboard that was popular in upstate New York. There was a string of comments that I included, sharing memories and telling of where you might be able to find this style of dart game alive and well.