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2007 PA State Dart Tournament

The 39th running of the Pennsylvania State Dart Tournament took place during January and February of 2007. This dart event makes use of American Style Dart boards and equiptment. The boards are wooden "tournament" boards. The game is Baseball.

Darto is the official dart supplier of the event, so when new teams arrive, Dartos will be available. If you'd prefer to use a different dart, you may bring your own tournament darts.

The event is not a handicapped, or tiered affair. Teams do not have to submit league averages to shoot, nor are they grouped into bracket or divisions according to skill level. In this tournament, arguably the most prestigious event in the world of American Stlye darts, you will see top shooters joining together, and facing teams of other top shooters.

Teams are comprised of four men. There are three shooters per game, leaving one man to act as an alternate.

2007 Results

  • State Champions - The Raven's Nest
  • 2nd - Haganey's Aces #2
  • 3rd - Haganey's Aces #1
  • 4th - Savitsky's Edge
  • Top 6 - E&B Consturction
  • Top 6 - Team Rohfling
  • Top 8 - VIP Darts #2
  • Top 8 - Misty Eyes
  • Top 10 - Dorko's Cafe
  • Top 10 - Miller's

High Team Game - "161" shot by Johnson's Village Inn and E & B Construction

High Single Game - "63" shot by Tim Johnson

Weekly Updates

Week Six - the following teams have advanced after week six:

Undefeated - Raven's Nest

One Loss - VIP #2, T's & Things, Dorko's #2

Week Five - the following teams have advanced after week five:

Undefeated - Team Rohfling

One Loss - Northampton #1, 33's, E & B Construction, JR's Tavern

Week Four - the following teams have advanced after week four:

Undefeated -Miller's

One Loss - Johnson's Village Inn, Copones, Dorko's #1

Week Three - the following teams have advanced after week three:

Undefeated - Haganey's Aces #1

One Loss - Jake's Place, Joliete Fire Co., Silver Bullet #2

Week Two - the following teams have advanced after week two:

Undefeated - Haganey's Aces #2

One Loss - Grover Cleveland, Misty Eyes, Treskow #2, Treskow 69ers

Week One - the following teams advanced after the first week of shooting:

Undefeated - Savitsy's Edge

One Loss - Dorko's III, Lovelton Hotel, A & B, Erdman's Gun Club


Qualifying Dates:
  • Jan. 14th (Sunday)
  • Jan. 21st (Sunday)
  • Jan. 28th (Sunday)
  • Feb. 3rd (Saturday)
  • Feb. 11th (Sunday)
  • Feb. 17th (Saturday)

Saturday February 24th. Games start at noon.

The tournament takes place over several weekends, with qualifiers running for six weeks starting on the 14th of January. There are up to 16 teams shooting in each qualifying event. Teams that go undefeated will advance to the finals, as will teams that survive the day with only one loss.

Teams that lose two games are eliminated from the tournament.


Treskow Fire Company
26 East Oak St.
Tresckow , PA , 17824


If you're interested in shooting, or even just watching some of the action, you can get more information on the 2007 PA State Dart Tournament (including directions) from Joe Hagany.

The cost to compete in the tournament is $45 per team ($50 if you're registering after the 6th of January).

Results from past years: Top Players from 2006

While players of different skill levels compete in the tournament, some of the top shooters from the 2006 games were Johnny K and Tommy Hill, who both hit a 61 game. And as a team, Haganey's #2 shot a 167 game with three shooters.

The winning team was Haganey's #1 who defeated Haganey's #2 in the finals.