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We have a series of Dart Articles that we've added over time. You'll find games similar to American darts, and dart throwing advice.

We also have a section on Vintage Darts with pictures of darts and boards from days long gone by.

Baseball on an American Dartboard

Dartboard with baseball innings marked

Baseball is the common game played on an American dartboard. This is the game played at all of the top tournaments, and all of the dart leagues. If you look at the dartboard on the right, you can even see the innings of the game have a baseball symbol on them, that's how popular the game is.

Determining the Shooting Order

Players (or one player representing a team) shoot one dart at the cork (the 'bullseye' in pub darts) to see who goes first. The player closest to the cork has the choice of going first or second. If the first player hits a cork, and the second player hits a cork (he is said to "top" it), whoever tops the cork chooses.

Often the game of baseball is played in three game sets. Loser of the first game gets choice of position going into the second game. The third game, if necessary, is once again decided by throwing the cork.

  • Game 1 - Shoot the cork
  • Game 2 - Loser chooses
  • Game 3 - Shoot the cork

Something to note here is that during the cork shot, according to the ABDA Rules on the subject, the shooter does get to pick up the dart and shoot again.

Gameplay for Baseball

In tournament play, players are given the chance to warm up by throwing three darts before they attempt to score in the first inning. They must announce to the scorekeeper that they are warming up, and they may not warm up by throwing at the first inning.

Play begins with the first player throwing three darts at the first inning. If two teams are playing, all the players on Team One shoot the first inning. Then all of the players on Team Two shoot three darts at the first inning.

When sharing the same set of darts (and this is common), a player throws his darts, and the next shooter walks up to the board, calls the points, and then removes the darts.

When the first inning is completed, players shoot the second inning, and so on, until they've shot all nine innings.

If the score is tied at the end of nine innings, the game is decided by playing extra innings (starting with the tenth), until someone wins.

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