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Widdy Dart Cabinets

Widdy Dart Cabinet

What's old is new, and what's new is old, or something like that. The faces in the Widdy shop have changed a little, and they've decided to bring back production of the classic "surround" as he calls them.

I've always referred to them as Big Green Widdy Dart Cabinets. They provide the stage for the infamous "Have Fun, Relax, Play Darts" slogan!

The traditional cabinet has built in scorekeeping (via scoring wheels) for six players (or teams). There is place for an overhead lamp (a necessity for tournament set ups), and a fold-down shelf.

The shelf is supported by a couple of chains and a set of hinges that were probably designed for light duty. My "house" at the tavern has a supply of 300lb men, and if you stick your dart potato on that shelf, they'll pound their way through the shelf before you know it. It may be fine for your house, but now, I put the potato somewhere else!

Either way, the cabinets provide the service of being somewhere you can hang your board. Board after board, after board. You set them up once, and then as you wear out old boards and bring in new ones, you simply insert the new board into place. No measuring each time you're putting up a fresh dart board.

It also saves your wall from having dart boards screwed into it time and time again. So, if you're in an environment like a tavern that is going to be replacing dartboards with any sort of consistency, getting a cabinet is definitely something to look into.

Another thing a cabinet does is add some protection for your walls from stray darts. Truth is, beginning dart players do throw some insanely stray darts.

Take the classic look that the cabinet or "dart surround" provides, add in the features, and we have plenty of good reasons to welcome back the Widdy Dart Cabinet into our homes and taverns!