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We have a series of Dart Articles that we've added over time. You'll find games similar to American darts, and dart throwing advice.

We also have a section on Vintage Darts with pictures of darts and boards from days long gone by.

Widdy Wooden Boards - No Longer Produced

Widdy stopped making wood dart boards at the end of 2011. The product was great, and we used them over and over at the bar for tournaments and leagues. So, it wasn't a lack of quality or a lack of sales that made the Widdy Woods fall out of the market place.

Dartboards have a considerable lifespan, so Widdy Woods have not faded into memory quite yet. But, if there are no more being made, it is just a matter of time.

I have moved the review/description of those boards into the "Vintage" Section of the darts site. What follows is part of the original write up about the boards.

Widdy is certainly one of the companies synonymous with the sport of American Darts. They manufacture a wide range of American Darting Supplies, including boards, darts and cabinets.

Widdy Wood Dart Boards

Wooden Dart Board - Widdy

Widdy stopped producing wood boards at the end of 2011. The wooden dart boards were made from endgrain pieces of basswood. The boards are made by hand, and you can see the individual wooden pieces that make up the board if you look closely.

The board comes in two sections, although you wouldn't notice it right away. There is a center section, which is a circular area that includes the blue rings, and an outside "frame" area. The center section will rotate (although it usually takes a bit of elbow grease at first).Since the same innings are often used over and over, the board wears unevenly. Unless, you rotate it.

There is also a second side to a Widdy dart board, so you can flip the board as well. This lets you get as much life as possible out of the wooden boards.

In case you've never rotated a dartboard, here's a video of me rotating a stubborn dartboard.